New Admin password email uses wrong subdomain

For reasons I won’t go into, it’s become necessary for me to run phpList in a subdomain, specifically I can access the admin and subscriber pages with no problem, but when I try to create a new admin the password reset link in the email comes out as “” which is 404; it should be “”. Have I missed changing a setting, or is this a bug?

@vonCorax On the Settings page check the Website address (without http://) field. It needs to be the subdomain.

Already got that one. I think it might have been the first one I changed.

@vonCorax From what I can see in the code, that is the setting used to construct the URL for the reset password link in file admin/lib.php line 401

    $urlroot = getConfig('website').$GLOBALS['adminpages'];

Hmm. I just tried it and it worked for me. I’ll try it again in a week when my administrator-appointee gets back from vacation.