My campaigns always completed within 11 hours, now it's taking several days

I have a list of about 5,900 emails that get sent a newsletter every campaign. I used to take about 11 hours tops to complete.

Now, it’s been 2 days and only 100 emails have been sent and it says that it won’t send another 50 emails until sometime tomorrow. What the hell is going on? And why the change without notifying me?

What has changed? This would not happen unless something on your server has changed. Or are you using phpList Hosted? (In which case you should be submitting a trouble ticket via your control panel).

If self hosted, what version of phpList would be helpful to know.


I’m using the PHP Hosted website. I’ve contacted them using the ‘Help’ option and event sent them 2 emails with descriptive screen captures showing what the problem is. But have heard no reply whatsoever.