Multiple issues with plugins

Version 3.3.3

For example:

Manage Plugins | Update

Message comes back:

Developer: bramley

Project: phplist-plugin-campaigns

Installing plugin

domainthrottlemap.php updating existing plugin
Plugin installed successfully

However the above plugin, plus others, always retains the “update” link, i.e., even though I receive a successful message, it apparently is not updating because the active link for “update” remains. Clicking on the

Is this normal behavior?

Yes. The Update button is displayed even when the plugin is up to date.

@pancakehollow @duncanc Interesting feedback, perhaps the link could be made clearer, like ‘Check for update’, to avoid implying that an update is necessarily already available?

Would that have avoided your confusion @pancakehollow?

Yes that would be much clearer.

@pancakehollow @samtuke The Update button simply installs the latest version, even if that version is already installed.

The checking for update is performed when you load the Manage Plugins page, so the “up to date” means exactly that.

In my original change I did consider showing the Update button only when an update is available, but thought that might be a bit restrictive when, say, the user knows that there is a new version but for some reason that is not detected properly.

Maybe “Update” if an update is available and “Reload” (or “Refresh” or “Reinstall”) if it’s ostensibly up to date but the user thinks differently?

(It’s always so easy to make suggestions when I’m not doing the coding, ha ha…)

That sounds like a reasonable improvement to me (I’d vote for “reinstall”). What do you think @duncanc?