Multi use system

to support group
please advice
i installed phplist for few clients
and its hard to create a new install each time - crons, email …
and option to create 1 master system
and in the system to create few sub system for each clients
with this option i will have easy life
to monitor rbl
support them
and more

please advice

I don’t think this would work, there are ways to maybe do it with sub-accounts but there would be no security really. Why not make a account for every client? Then all the maintenance is done. Re-selling is fine.


please think about this for next upgrade
for me it will be more easy
1 hosting
and X customers

and its more easy to use

Hi, it’s a big change, and I doubt that will happen. As I say, is great for re-sellers, why not give it a go :smile:

i sell the phplist in my servers. i sell for 100$ unlimited use :smile:

but its hard to keep the phplist up to date - each user have its configure and more
the upgrades are not automatic
and for me the best will be
1 install
and set privileges for each user or company

Yeah, sorry to say but I don’t think that is going to happen realistically :confused: Also it seems kinda bad to have all your customers data in the same database…

i agree its bad
but its more easy to update 1 system then XXXX systems :slight_smile: