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when forwarding a message to a friend with the forward link in the footer of the sent newsletter, the forwarded message always arrives at the recipient without any footer at all. Of course, I filled out the “forwardfooter” field both in the settings and when originally creating the newsletter (as the FORWARD_ALTERNATIVE_CONTENT option is activated in the config file), so content for the footer should actually exist. Can someone explain or help?

By the way, in a test message sent during the creation of the campaign it works. The problem only appears in real newsletters sent out to the audience already.

I am using PHPLIST 3.3.6.

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@nicomars Try checking that “Allow messages to be edited as full HTML pages” is set to NO.

Thank you for the suggestion. It tried this, but for the existing campaign, this does not make a difference. I will check if the problem is gone in the next campaign.

However, I am not even using CKeditor. The footer was entered into the form in HTML code. (This raises another issue: I do not actually know why CKeditor is not appearing in my installation, but since I am familiar with HTML programming, I did not mind so far.)

Yes try it for a new (empty) campaign.

Is the ckeditor plugin installed and enabled? Up to date? If so, check that the url of the ckeditor library files is correct in your settings (settings page).

After three attempts, I can now report that even new empty campaigns do not contain the forwardfooter when being forwarded to a friend (although the CKeditor setting “Allow messages to be edited as full HTML pages” is set to NO).

Concerning CKeditor, It tuned out that in my case it was blocked by a Content-Security-Policy HTTP response header limiting browser access to my own domain. I was not aware that this is an externally loaded script, but I now adapted the header and the editor works.

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Well found.
@duncanc Do you think it’s worth adding a pointer on that to the plugin docs to help others who may face the same issue?

Can you paste the footer text from your campaign / template please so we can check?

After changing all personal data contained in the real footer, the forwardfooter looks like this:

<div class="footer" style="text-align:left; font-size: 75%;">
  <p><a href="https://[WEBSITE]">Name of Organisation</a> • eingetragener gemeinnütziger Verein, Sitz: Xxx • Kontakt: Dr. Xxxxxx - Tel.: +49 123 456789 - xx@[DOMAIN]</p>
  <p><strong>Diese Nachricht wurde Ihnen weitergeleitet von: [FORWARDEDBY]</strong></p>
  <p>Sie wurden dadurch nicht unserem Einladungs-Verteiler hinzugefügt. Falls Sie sich dafür interessieren, können Sie sich mit diesem Link <a href="[SUBSCRIBEURL]">anmelden</a>.</p>
  <p>Wenn Sie sich durch diese Weiterleitung gestört fühlen, können Sie <a href="[BLACKLISTURL]">Ihre E-Mail Adresse sperren</a> und erhalten garantiert keine weiteren Nachrichten von uns. Bitte beachten Sie, dass dies technisch nur realisierbar ist, in dem wir Ihre Adresse als gesperrt auf unserem System speichern.</p>

The difference between the template and the campaign is that [DOMAIN] and [WEBSITE] are automatically replaced by the real addresses in the campaign window.

@nicomars @samtuke It’s a mistake in the code that builds the email which uses a wrong variable name to get the forward footer value. File admin/sendemaillib.php

    $text['footer'] = stripslashes($messagedata['forwardfooter']);

The variable $messagedata does not exist. I suspect that the code was copied from elsewhere but not adjusted to use the correct variable.

    $text['footer'] = stripslashes($cached[$messageid]['footer']);
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Thank you very much. Correcting this in sendemaillib.php worked.

@samtuke I am grateful for the solution provided by @duncanc. But if this is actually a bug, why is it not corrected in one of the phplist updates? Currently, I apply this fix manually after each upgrade.

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@nicomars Yes this should be fixed. phpList is an open source project - everyone can submit improvements. It’s great you’ve already figured out a patch that solves it - please open a pull request on GitHub (https://github.com/phpList/phplist3) so it can be included. If you prefer, you can attach your patch here and someone else can try making a PR on your behalf.

@nicomars I have created a pull request for this change, https://github.com/phpList/phplist3/pull/503

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