Migrating from mysql.inc to mysqli.inc causing error

Hi Guys,

I’ve just finally got around to upgrading to the latest version of phpList. When I reached the Database Upgrade screen, I was given a warning message that in order to work with newer version of PHP I needed to change a line in the config file:


I followed these instructions carefully, but when I try to access phpList with the newly edited config file, I just get a “500 Server Error”. When I change the config file back again I can log in as normal.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!


@undercoverhippy It sounds as if your php installation does not include mysqli. You will need to raise the problem with your hosting company - there is no reason why php should not include mysqli.
But also check that you didn’t just make a typing error when changing the config file.

I don’t remember whether phplist will do the database upgrade using mysql, but it sounds not.
Sometimes there aren’t any actual database changes to apply so it might be ok just to not do the upgrade step until mysqli is available. Which versions are you upgrading from and to?

Thanks for that Duncan. It actually seemed to perform the database upgrade without a problem and the new installation seems to be working. I just wanted to find out if not making this change will be causing problems in the background. I’ll check with my host if they support mysqli



@undercoverhippy The reason for the recommendation to use mysqli is that mysql is now “deprecated” - it still works but will be dropped from php at some time in the future. There are technical reasons why mysqli is preferred to mysql but the phplist code doesn’t really use any of those.