MessageStatisticsPlugin toolbar icons missing

Firstly, thank you for the great plugin.

This is a minor issue but hopefully there’s a quick fix. On the Advanced Statistics page, the toolbar icons (excel, help, license) in the upper right are missing.

The toolbar functions are clickable and work properly but the icon image links are broken:

It looks like the image source URL is incorrect.

The image tags are pointing to the phpList system directory:

However my plugin directory is outside of the phpList system and set in the config file as:

Does anyone know where to correct this?

the plugin rootdir is relative to the lists/admin folder.

You would use this:


Thanks but I had it set to the relative path originally, same result.

Whether I use the absolute or relative path I can install and use plugins without issue, it’s just this one aspect of this plugin that’s broken.


@JayWhy You probably need to set the server’s time zone. The simplest way is to install the Timezone plugin, then on the Settings page set a valid time zone.

I misunderstood the problem.


This looks very odd. Please explain exactly the path to phplist and the path to the plugin directory.
Also what values do you have for $pageroot in the config file,and “website address” on the Settings page?

Thanks Duncan, setting the timezone was the fix!

I realized after checking another phpList installation that the same toolbar was also broken on the the Subscriber History and Subscriptions screens. Happy to report all toolbars are restored after setting server time in the timezone plugin.

To clarify, the issue occurred with either the relative/absolute path in the config file:

  • define(“PLUGIN_ROOTDIR”,"…/…/plugins");
  • define(“PLUGIN_ROOTDIR”,"/home/lists/public_html/plugins");

The absolute path may look strange because this installation is on a virtual server.

Thanks again & cheers from across the pond.