Message to an existing subscriber when subscribing

Hi, I want to give a URL to a subscriber after they register in their post confirmation email but if they are already registered it should show an error message of my choice with the URL included, is that possible?

Anyone know this is possible?

@Godwin if the person is already subscribed then phplist either rejects that, if SILENT_RESUBSCRIBE is set to false, or simply accepts it as a new subscriber.

The error message that is shown for the first case is in the language file in directory lists/texts

$strUserExistsResubscribeExplanation = 'Visit the <a href="%s">preferences page</a> to update your information.';

You might be able to customise that.

Thank you. I need to know whether its possible to include our own custom language files other than the language files that are listed in the system.
I basically want to assign a custom language file for each signup page. so each signup page will show a unique message when they resubscribe…

@Godwin yes you can copy a language file in the texts directory, say english,inc to, then change any of the values. You can then refer to the new language file in the subscribe page.

If you want to change only one field then it will be simpler for the new file to contain something like this. It simply includes the original language file then changes the particular string

require __DIR__ . '/';

$strUserExistsResubscribeExplanation     = ' your new value';