Message editor mangles HTML

Generally I compose my mails in an HTML-editor, then paste them in to the message window.

This used to work flawlessly in Version 2, but now ( in V3.3.1 ) I find that it mangles some formatting.

Stuff like cell styling gets completely LOST. I even tried copying the html from a (finally tweaked back to how it was before I pasted it in) mailer, and using it as my template for html-editing my next one. Sadly, as soon as I paste it in, various formatting gets stripped out.

Is there any specific documentation available on taming this behavior?

using NameCKEditor plugin

Thanks In Advance…

@mikerotec The editor should allow almost any html because it uses this ckeditor configuration setting

allowedContent: true

But if you are copying a complete html document into the editor when composing a message then you should disable “full html page” for the template and enable that for the message in the CKeditor group on the Settings page.

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