Members reply to email and get unsubscribed!

I don’t know how this can happen, and it sounds very strange, but I’ve had three list members report today that they replied to a mailing - which I received - and they were immediately sent a “You have been removed from all lists” email.

I looked at their history and it appears they selected the unsubscribe from all link, but this is so unlikely. It’s in the tiny text at the bottom of the email they receive, and somehow three of them would have to click that while replying to me.

None of the three would have removed themselves intentionally - they are long time members and correspond regularly.

Any ideas?

This is still happening, and it is so very strange.

One of my long-time list members simply replied to my email today and she was unsubscribed and blacklisted.

She never selected the link in the email, she just replied to the message.

Any ideas at all?



Not really. Check the campaign headers for a list unsubscribe address or similar? Wild guess.

Searching the forums, old and new, may well yield something relevant.