Massive "instantiate mail function" errors


for the last couple of times, a newsletter I’m sending out to about 4000 adresses is showing about 10x the amount of list subscribers in the “processed” field after finishing the campaign.

None of the test addresses I use to determine if something is wrong has been sent the newsletter even twice. However, the system protocal shows a massive amount of error entries about “failure to instantiating the mail function”.

As the queue finishes at some point, I assume all messages are being sent eventually.

What could be the reason for this. Any tips what I should consider when contacting the hosting provider about this?

Thanks a lot!

the ‘failure to instantiate mail function’ message means that the phpList program cannot connect to the email server (i.e. postfix, qmail, sendmail, etc on the server). If the mail function ‘reappears’ then it could be your hosting company limits the outgoing email rate (per hour). You might want to check with them, and make sure you are sending about 80% of their maximum rate.

Thanks a lot! I contacted the host. They accidentally reduced the allowed quota.