Mark problem as solved

Anna, are you able to add a button or link to mark a topic/problem as being solved?

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Not really; admins can close a post, but discourse does not encourage making things as solved, I think because people often want more info, so

I have a problem a
I have a solution too a, called b
Thanks a is solved by using b

could generate from other users:

I don’t understand solution b, can you help me implement it, or
b did not work for me, or
I have problem c, it’s almost identical to a / is side effect of a
I have found c is a cause of a, or
I have a suggestion to avoid a with this documentation or patch etc


So, at the moment I try to make a post as closed only if it is a duplicate or similar.
What do you think?

Not sure about this. Leaving a topic open can lead to it being ever-lengthening with people adding only tangentially-related questions. The old forums suffered with this.

I suppose ideally any problems and solutions identified here should make their way into the online manual.

Well, there is a good solution for this which I have been using - I think you have to be admin, but basically you select a thread and click to move it to a new-but-related-topic. It seems to work well for keeping things sorted. We can also do that with the manual interestingly, so, say we find a solution, click “reply as linked topic” to the side and make a new thread with the category “documentation” :slight_smile:

There is a plugin to do that, that is currently work in progress:

It requires discourse 1.4 that is still under heavy development (we are running 1.3 that is stable).

So, if this is still an issue, remember me in a while and we can probably adopt that plugin when dicourse 1.4 is released :slight_smile:

Ok. It seems okay so far.