Managing images in directory

I’ve sent a few campaigns using phplist and uploaded images to the server.

Now things could start to get cluttered but I can’t remove old images or move files to a ‘used’ (i.e. ‘old’) sub-folder.

Is there any way to ‘explore’ wherever images are stored to do this?

Do you mean that you cannot find where your images are stored?
Check your config/config.php file first, look for the following lines:

# If you want to upload images in the editor, you need to specify the location
# of the directory where the images go. This needs to be writable by the webserver,
# and it needs to be in your public document (website) area
# the directory is relative to the webserver root directory
#   eg if your webserver root is /home/user/public_html
#   then the images directory is /home/user/public_html/uploadimages
# This is a potential security risk, so read for more information


## for the above, you can also use subdirectories, for example

In this example your images have been uploaded to and you can use any ftp editor or cPanel file manager to edit these.

Another option, which is the one I use, is to go to your phpList admin pages, then choose from the dropdown menu at the top of these pages, Config>Settings and look for the composition settings

I use CKEditor here which is available as a plug-in for phpList (Thanks Duncan!) and you can easily add the path and directory in two settings once you’ve installed the plug-in.

In fact, using CKEditor, you can right click an image and delete or rename it.

But to edit and move the actual files, you need to use your web spaces’ file manager or a FTP program.

Thanks for that. Yes I see I can rename or delete files using right-click which is what I may end up doing.

I use for my newsletters. Although the public_html area of my webspace has a php directory, I can’t see any of my images there. That’s why I wondered if they are stored somewhere on the hosted part of I which case what would be the path(?) to find them and to log in for them?

I had already added the CKEditor plugin as an upgrade from the previous FCKeditor and I like all the extra things I can add to newsletters. Just trying to find where the images are stored! Thanks

In this case the images are held on and have nothing to do with your own web site. I don’t think that phplist hosted provides access to the file system, but you should be able to delete unnecessary images from within the KCFinder image browser. You can also copy/move images between directories using the “add to clipboard” right-click option.

But you probably don’t want to move or delete images that have already been used within a newsletter because they will still be retrieved when someone views that newsletter. Best to sort out a structure for your future newsletters but leave the old ones alone.

From the screenshot you are using an old version. The setting for “path to upload directory” is no longer used now, and UPLOADIMAGES_DIR must be set to the directory.

Well, not necessarily, lots of users store the images on their website as only plus clients can upload images. In this case, it is not clear if he is talking about phpList at all.

@JamesL100 if you have a plus plan, and have been uploading images to phpList

  1. you can find old images by clicking the add image button (like a postcard) and then clicking “Browse Server”
  2. You don’t need to delete images, phpList does a purge when needed - hosting is only guaranteed for a few weeks (3 I think) but is generally much longer.

Hi Duncan,

As you can see the image displays when the full path is provided, but not when just the filename is used.

I have uploaded images to our server using the image properties upload option, and also saved them to the database when saving the campaign.

Is there any reason why the image properties (shown on the right) which is not being displayed correctly cannot locate the image directly from either of these places in CKEditor ?