Mails being sent in duplicate

Help! Haven’t used phplist for a few weeks. Trying a campaign today and every time I send out the test message I get two messages - one in the expected format (with hyperlinks) and one with links showing the full urls and the default footer in varying styles. I am using version 3.2.5 and sending using the sendgrid plugin. Any help / advice much appreciated.

Sending a test results in two versions being sent, one HTML, the other, a straightforward TXT version. This is so you, as admin, can see the results of the message for people who have specified if they want the TXT version rather than the designed HTML option.

They will only see the version they have specified when signing up.

If you only send HTML, ie: You’ve removed the option to select TXT versions on the subscribe page, add the following to your config.php file to stop a test TXT version being sent, to you.

# test emails
# if you send a test email, phplist will by default send you two emails, one in HTML format
# and the other in Text format. If you set this to 1, you can override this behaviour
# and only have a test email sent to you that matches the user record of the user that the
# test emails are sent to
define('SEND_ONE_TESTMAIL', 0);
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