Mailqueue Autothrottle

The text from the Config.php file says:
// Mailqueue autothrottle. This will try to automatically change the delay
// between messages to make sure that the MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE (above) is spread evently over
// MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD, instead of firing the Batch in the first few minutes of the period
// and then waiting for the next period. This only works with mailqueue_throttle off
// and MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD being a positive value
// it still needs tweaking, so send your feedback to if you find
// any issues with it

What does the argument represent in “define(‘MAILQUEUE_AUTOTHROTTLE’, 0);”? Is it “0” for off and “1” for on? – this understanding makes sense in terms of turning this feature on or off and would seem consistent with spreading the number of messages (listed in Batch Size) over a period (defined in Batch Period).

Also, I assume that an argument of “0” for MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE will turn mail queue throttle off: define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’, 0);

I’m planning on the settings below to send 125 messages evenly spaced over an hour and a half – to give me 83 messages per hour, a bit under my 100/hour limit:

define(‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE’, 125);

Do those settings seem correct?

I suspect I am interpreting things correctly; however, I’ve had considerable trouble remaining within the volume limits imposed by my service provider, and I would like to confirm my understanding before using a setting that blows me through my volume limits – again!