Mail is not sent via PhpList 3.0.12

Hello everyone.

I happen to have two facilities PhpList

One in version 3.0.6 and another in version 3.0.12

The version 3.0.6 works fine, but the version 3.0.12 fails to send emails.

checked the log in /var/log/mail.log

It turns out that the version 3.0.12 tries to connect but fails. But the version 3.0.6 does not fail.

I think the problem is in the phpmailer class.

Check the SMTP settings and everything is correct. If you are trying to connect, that means it’s okay.

Now comes the question

Why is this happening?

You might want to reverify your SMTP settings: host, port, and authentication. It should work. Make sure your encryption settings for the SMTP match what the server wants to see

Ok , @danwaterloo. Thanks

Any details, you let him know!

Hi, I tried a thousand ways not to die and eventually die. HAHAHA

The last to perform was the following:

Copy the file config.php my installation 3.0.6 to 3.0.12 installation

And yet, I get error.

I think the way to send mailings right through 3.0.12 change!

What is it that has changed?

Can someone show me an example?

As far as I know there is not change in the config from .6 to .12 - an error to cause a problem can be so tiny though. Have you got it working yet?

still does not work, all new versions will not work for me.

This is a pretty specific issue, my advise would be to pay someone to fix it for you. It probably won’t cost very much, the priority should be to get sending again ASAP. :smile:

Hi Lester,

You might want to update your version of php, the newer version seems to require an upgrade.
Also, you cannot just re-use the 3.0.6 config.php. Some of the settings changed, you would want to edit the new version of config.php that comes with 3.0.12 to the settings that you had in the 3.06 version.

It’s got to be something simple, it should work fine.


good call, I didn’t realise this. I am so slooow on the update atm lol x

Just when I went to work the version 3.0.12, I get the version 3.2.0 … which has no problems when sending.

Thanks for the intervention that you made

But I still think that the version 3.0.12, treated me badly … xD

I think it’s personal. 3.0.12 knew you were gonna leave for a newer version! :wink: