List specific admins?


I’m new to phpList and have been looking to learn if it is possible to have “list specific” admins. If it’s documented somewhere, I’ve missed it.

  1. I have a “member” list for our members (250 emails) and a “board” list for our board members (12 emails).
  2. I only need 3 admins to be able to message the “member” list.
  3. I need all 12 board members be able to message each other via the “board” list (all 12 must become admins too, correct?).
  4. I do not want 9 of the 12 board members to have access to the 250 email member list as 3 admins for the “member” list are in the group of 12 board emails that need access to the 12 member board list.

Thanks in advance!



Basically you can have sub-admins but they can only see their own lists, they can’t share. Anything else must be done by sharing the account information.

9 people “managing” one list doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, there are too many ways for someone to break stuff or send the wrong thing or delete everything…