Leaving the Window Open and Sending

I am having massive problems getting a 70k email list to send. Basically I am pretty sure that PHPList is not recognising that that the window is open and stops sending.

It will do 500 or so then stop.

Is there any way to work round so that I can just hit send and it will send even if the window gets shut?



Hi David,

You would want to setup a cron job that will send the email without the browser being open:

read more here:


Yes or remote queue processing https://phplist.org/manual/ch035_methods-of-sending-browser-cron-command-line.xhtml which might be simpler for you

I suggest using a free service easycron.com and a tutorial at: easycron.com/cron-job-tutorials/how-to-set-up-cron-job-for-phplist.


I was facing the same issue. The server on which phpList is installed is under a proxy network in my case. In the web browser through which I send campaigns, I had to bypass proxy for local address and provided ip address of the server there.

This worked for me.

Many Thanks,
Nikhil Bhalwankar