Large address file

Hi all,

I have a 600000+ CSV file with company info (name, e-mail, etcetera). Can PHPList deal with such a big file, resulting in a large database?



Yes, it can. You might need to split it into multiple smaller files to import

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Well, if I have to split in into smaller files, it basically cannot :slight_smile:
I will give it a go,


you can also go into the code and change the maximum upload size in your php.ini file, and there is also a setting for the same kind of limit in the phpList code, so you would need to alter that.

i’ve had issues of very large files not importing all of the way… so i had to figure out where it got stuck, and regenerate the unimported lines, and import just those.

in the end, it might be just as easy to break your big list into lists of 150k or 200k lines.

Hello Dan,

Can you explain how to change the maximum upload size in my php.ini and the phpList code?

Also, am I understanding this correctly that it is possible that a larger file than 5MB may not upload completely / correctly due to its size? Thank you

Due to the GDPR law I had to resize my CSV file to 100000 entries and this imported fine into PHPList in one go.