Kudos to the list that answers issues/questions!


Looking to rip apart the phplist app. Currently going through the codebase/logic to get a feel for how it flows/works.

The following are a couple of the key issues I’ll be facing.

I- Adding menus/content, modifying/deleting menus/content
II- Adding/Modifying User/Roles/Permissions
looks like there are/is admin categories that might be usefule
III- Adding ability to have “users” be able to add profile, search community
think “stripped down” social networking/membership functions
IV- Redoing the main/default page – normal kind of user login/registration form
V- Merging admin/default(main page


ps… if there’s somewhere else I can post these kinds of things… and potential issues I might run into, I’ll gladly move my posts!

you guys are great when answering issues…


@tsmith That’s great to hear! Do you plan to share the improvements via GitHub Pull requests?

Hi Sam.

Have to figure that one out.

I’m not Github skilled… I know… I really should be.

At the same time the changes I’m making, etc aren’t going to really do much good to the initial/original codebase. But I’m more than willing to work with someone to give them the final codebase, as well as explanations/docs on the changes I’ve made. And this person could then post to Github.

Of course all this assumes I can actually get through the codebase to make the changes and create the app I need. I’d give up the work on phplist if I found another app tomorrow that satisfies my end goals!


@tsmith Git is hard at first, but very rewarding. There are great guides out there, and we have hackathons from time including workshops on the GitHub workflow.

I hope that you manage to achieve your goals with phpList in the mean time!