It's possible to create several sub-admins on a single phplist installation?

Hi, i’ve installed phplist on my server.
I want to create different autonomous users with different phplist profiles.
It’s possible or i have to install multiple times phplist?
Were i can find instructions?

thanks a lot

You can make sub admins, and they can only see their own lists and subscribers, but the data is shared between them - it’s designed for members of the same marketing team, not for separate companies etc

OK thank you very much.
I have 3 different companies and I wanted to manage separately.
Maybe it’s better to make 3 different installations

Yes, or offer them .com accounts and charge them 20% extra or something.

See if this can be useful. It works for me.

Those are the old phpList 2 docs, I have no idea if that bit would still work. I would assume not but you can try :slight_smile: Feel free to write about it if you do.

Are you all set to deal with the deliverability/blacklisting stuff?