Is my phpList running?

I have around 60.000 mail-adresses from the last 15 years in my list. I need to send them all one time to get a yes, bounced or nothing back from my users and clean the list finally.

So i have setup phplist as last version, have created a message and have startet to send mails at 12 Oktober 2019.

When i go to the admin area and watch active messages, i see more or less the same:

55293 to go
finish 10.12.2019
sending 300/700 per hour

The number of Processed increases day by day, the number of "seen, clicks, retour not.

For me this feels like the machine hangs somewhere.

When i fetch bounced ones, i get an mysql error, the second time i get 0 mails to process. The number of adresses doenst decrease. (Maybe because fetched mails are deleted, and the mysql error changes nothing)

If i use system and config in all possible ways, nothing changes.

Finally i have written nothing that helps you to help me, and i have no idea what to do else. So i will wait another 7 days.

If you are running cPanel see here

Or you can check job status via WHM.

If not I know there is a way to do this via command line, but i am not a command line guru.

Look at the event log page to see whether any errors have been logged. Presumably you are using a cron job to process the queue, so if the “processed” total is changing then the cron job is still running.

Maybe suspend this campaign, then send a new campaign to a small list of your own email addresses to see whether those are sent and received successfully.