Is it possible to use the invite plugin several times? (with the same users)

Hi there!
A few weeks ago we have used the invite plugin
But now we want to do a second round, just in case someone missed the 1st one invitation message etc…
I thought it will be possible if I unblacklist all those members (first I moved them all to a separate list “second invitation”)… but, it seems it is not possible that way, when I do a second invitation to that list it just sent nothing (0 emails out)…

Any idea about how to achieve this?

Thanks a lot, and sorry for the bad english :smiley:

@luuuciano You need to change each subscriber to be confirmed and not blacklisted.

Oh yes, that was what I did, using this script Bulk UnBlacklist emails and it worked ok, previous that I moved all the blacklisted to a “2nd invite” list, then run the script and all the accounts went whitelisted… and confirmed…
Maybe I have to make them all unconfirmed?
Is there any SQL magic to achieve that only on all the accounts of that list?
Or… maybe the list has to be public?

@luuuciano that script does not set the subscriber to be “confirmed”.

I have just tried this and the plugin seems to work correctly. It sent a second invitation to a subscriber who had not responded to the first invitation, after I had made them confirmed and not blacklisted.


Oh, I watched it again… I had all of them “unconfirmed”, but this should work… or not? I mean, the invitation idea is to send it to people that is not subscribed (and that is “unconfirmed” status, right?)

Anyway, I have marked all in that 2nd invitation list as confirmed (at reconcileusers), and now I can send it, thanks a lot Duncan (for this and all you acomplished at phplist)

No that is not correct. When you sent the first invitation it would have been to subscribers that you had imported and were “confirmed”. phplist never sends to unconfirmed subscribers.