Is it possible to use Mysql instead of Mysqli in v3.25+?

I upgraded my 3.24 installation to 3.31, but on loading the admin page received the notice that “Mysql is not supported in your PHP”. That’s obviously not true, because 3.24 was configured to use Mysql instead of Mysqli, because it is Mysqli that is not supported in my PHP. I confirmed that 3.31 was also configured to use Mysql, but it turns out that PHPlist’s file now simply loads And it turns out to have been doing so since v3.25.

Question: Can I use the file from v3.24 in later versions?

@kerberos No, you now need to use mysqli. Just change the line in your config.php file to use mysqli

$database_module = "";

Well, I tried using 3.27 with the file from 3.24 and it appears to be working fine: daily newsletter compiled via PHP and sent by commandline. I will test it with 3.31 this weekend.

The file from v3.2.4 appears to work fine with v3.3.1 as well.