Is it possible to lock subscriber data?

As the subject says :wink:

I would normally import subscribers from our CRM and as info is updated by sales on the CRM it’s updated the next time I import it, this works for me :slight_smile:
On certain records I would like to keep data (segmentation) not relevant to our CRM nor do I wish to update them on next import, how can I LOCK these certain records so that they’re not overwritten ?

Thanks in Advance

One way to do this is to have an intermediate file, and modify that, then import into phpList.

I.e. Export from crm into ‘exportdata’, then, figure out what records in ‘exportdata’ already exist in phpList.

Modify the ‘exportdata’ file so fields on locked records match phpList info.

Import modified ‘exportdata’ file into phpList. All records will be updated, but ‘locked’ records are updated with existing data (therefore not changing anything).

Another approach is to gave a list of records NOT to change, and remove them from the ‘exportdata’ file.

Thanks Dan,
I am currently using a script to remove the records from my ‘exportdata’ file,
this works for me, though it does include an extra step, no biggie, I was just confirming that there isn’t a feature I might be missing.

Thanks again.