Integration with vBulletin

I run a website with a forum created in vbulletin. I need to start a newsletter and would love to carry it out with phplist.
I would need for the mail every user who registers to the forum (and gives consent) was recorded automatically on phplist and wish that users currently registered (20,000) had the opportunity to register for the newsletter.

In short, I would need a “bridge” between vbulletin and phplist.

Is there anything like that?
Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.

@ocean86 You can import your current vbulletin members into phplist, then use the Invite plugin to send a campaign asking whether they want to register for your newsletter. phplist will ensure that only those who respond will be enabled for future campaigns.

Adding new vbulletin members to phplist sounds like it should be implemented in vbulletin as a result of a new forum registration. There are various ways to access phplist but all would require programming skills.
Perhaps a periodic, say weekly, manual import of new forum users into phplist might be adequate.


If you contact me on anna @ I can help arrange a quote for this work to be done by phpList ltd developers

Kind Regards