Integrated Mailing list not accessible after website move

We used a php download to create a mailing list on our website, however we recently changed hosting for the website and re- configured the website. Since doing this, the mailing list is now not accessible to be managed or used to send out newsletters.
It used to be accessible via the link howver now it will not load and eventually displays a timed out message.
If anybody could provide assistance of how to integrate the existing mailing list into the new website so we can manage it again it would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Leeds Uni Backstage to the phpList forums.

You say you’ve changed hosting, have you transferred your lists directory over or changed it’s name? If you have changed its name you’d need to change the $pageroot setting in the lists/config.php file

And just to check, you are using phpList? If so, do you know which version you are running?

Thank you for your response.
We have not made any changes to the mailing list directory or name- we did not create the mailing list so i am not sure how to access the original config.php file or which version was used to create it (however the list is at least 4 years old).
I hope this helps

@Backstage If is where you used to access phplist then it looks like the subdomain or the directory have not been transferred properly. You will need to raise this problem with whoever did the transfer between hosting companies.