Installation problems - adminpages missing

Hi, Im just updating form a very old version to 3.2.1 on php5.5

The insructions only talk about config.php and not config_extended.php I suppose both are necessary?

config_extended.php seems to be missing a line 54 $adminpages

Then I set this require_login = 0; which should mean that there is no necessity to log into the script. Hm, does not work either.

Also define(‘LANGUAGE_SWITCH’,0); does not work.

Are these known problems?

config_extended file is there for reference as it contains pretty much every option you can set in phpList. If you wish to use it, then replace the quickstart default config.php file by renaming config_extended to config. Otherwise, just cut and paste what you need from extended into the smaller config.php file.

In version 3.2.1 $adminpages is no longer used. Also, $pageroot defaults as /lists if you change the directory, then you need to add $pageroot=“new_directory_name”; to the config.php file.

I’ve never had a problem updatings PHPList before, but with this version 3.2.1 it does not recognise my admin password, also it cannot even send me a new password.

I have looked at the database but cannot see any problems there. Is there a bug and have other users experienced the same? How do I get PHPList back? I hope I still have an old backup as I have automatic overnight backups and they would have wiped out the old one for the new dysfunctional one! Or is there some kind of fix for this?

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately the INSTALL file linked to this:
And the UPGRADE file didn`t mention it either.

Mind you, there seems to be at least one problem left.

The admin language switches to the browser language even with these settings:
$default_system_language = ‘en’;

I turned the language switch back on then.

The link you quote is to the old, old version 2 software manual, hence the orange colour scheme.
The documentation for the new version 3 software can be found here. We did try to get as many issues covered as possible, but I guess we couldn’t think of every eventuality.

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