Incorrect links & funtion buttons when copying of old installation database to new MySQL

I have recently started using phplist 3.2.5, after having been on version 2.10.19 for far too long. To do this I have created a new install on the hosting platform, by creating a new database and then copying the old database tables into the new database. I then installed the phplist 3.2.5 version in the folder (the old system (v2.10.19) is in the folder and still there)

So far, a majority of things seem to be working OK, but sometimes when I click on a button it jumps back to the old installation! This seems to be because some values saved in the MySQL tables are referencing the old system, presumably because I’ve copied the entire database directly from the old system into the new.

A couple of situations when this seems to happen are as follows:

When I’m on the “Send A Campaign” page in the new install and click on “Start A New Campaign”, the browser jumps back to the old setup because it goes to the following url:

whereas it should go to:

In fact, if I edit the browser url to include the “2” after “” then it actually does go to the correct page on the newly installed system.

I’ve searched various tables in the MySQL database but cannot seem to find the specific field/reference to what’s causing this to happen.

When I send out a message (so far just a test email) I noticed that the links present in the message text all go via (example):

Where the link starts “” instead of " - (the same issues as in (INCIDENT 1)). This also happens when i try to forward the email using the [FORWARD] placeholder.

So . . . Is there a way I can search the MySQL database to find all “” and change them to “”? Is that the right way to do it? (I have pretty limited knowledge of MySQL) Or . . . does someone understand the issue enough to suggest the specific fields I need to go to in the MySQL database to edit/correct just those fields that are causing the problem?

Any help with this issue would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


@phillegg You need to change the config.php file within /lists2 so that $pageroot is correct.

Thanks Duncan. That worked perfectly