Importing Wordpress Subscribers to into the PHPList database

Here’s the situation:

  1. I’m self-hosted

  2. I have wordpress installed at the root level and phplist installed in a subdirectory /list

  3. I want to use a single signup process for wordpress registration and I want to drop the wp registration information into the phplist list subscriber database. I don’t want to use a separate widget or form. One single form to populate both databases/tables

Information Needed:

  1. Has anyone done this yet on here or does anyone know of the easiest way to get the data over to the PHPList database.

  2. What table(s) within PHPList need to be populated

  3. What attributes are necessary to populate the phplist database table(s)

  4. Can I simply export/import data via a csv directly into the phplist database (if we can’t get a realtime connection/sync between wp database and phplist database) If so, what attributes do I need to define within the excel spreadsheet to allow for import and what phplist list database table to do I import that data into?


@dessertguru The simplest method is to manually export from wordpress then import into phplist using its import function.
The minimum that is needed is the email address but you can include attributes if you are capturing those through wordpress. This way you don’t have to know any phplist internals.

@duncanc I understand that however, the plugin developer that I use for my WP registration form software is willing to work with me on adding some custom code to the plugin so when the user submits the registration/signup form it will drop the data into the phplist database table. So that’s why I need to know what table and what are the attributes needed. I’m assuming just the email address, first name, and last name. Just don’t know where the data needs to go within the PHPlist database.

@dessertguru That is not complicated but not particularly well documented. The old user forums had some contributions for adding subscribers directly to the database, see but you might have to browse through to try to find something.

But the “recommended” way now is to use a REST API plugin You would install that in your phplist and your developer use its API to add subscribers.