Importing New Copy When Sending A Webpage

System: Windows 7 HP 64-bit
Phplist: v3.4.5

This could have been avoided if I’d previewed the webpage in a browser first and noticed the broken xml tag before uploading to server, but Phplist defeated every other attempt to correct the error once I had uploaded the bad page.

First time I sent a test email we noticed the problem, however Phplist would not recognize any subsequent imports of a corrected webpage when building the new campaign. After each upload, when I progressed to Panel 2 (plain text version of message) and hit “Generate from HTML”, the original corrupted webpage would appear.

Among the workarounds I tried were:

  • Overlaying the bad webpage on the server with a fixed one

  • Clearing cache, starting new Phplist session

  • Deleting the draft and creating a new campaign from scratch

  • Starting a new Phplist session with a different browser

All to no avail: Phplist would not generate a clean corrected copy of the webpage before sending.

The final workaround was quite by accident: delete the *.htm page from the server, cut-n-paste a plain text version in Panel 2, check “Send as Text” for the entire subscriber list and Submit. Phplist sent 1 batch of 40 messages, then went into suspended state. I requeued the campaign multiple times, but the Sent count never progressed past the 1st batch of 40.

At this point I checked the Log of Events and found multiple entries of this:

“Error fetching URL: cannot proceed”

I manually suspended the campaign, uploaded another corrected webpage, resubmitted the campaign and it took off for real this time and delivered the entire maillist.

What struck me was how Phplist would not recognize any corrected versions of the webpage, except the last one I uploaded after receiving the error message above.

@PresterJohn phplist caches the fetched page in the database for one hour, but that value can be changed in your config.php. That is why the “generate from HTML” was using the old version.

However, if you send a test message then phplist will clear the cache causing the page to be fetched again. From your description it sounds like you were not sending test emails. That’s something I recommend you do anyway.

Thanks, duncanc, I’ll check that setting in config.

Look in config_extended for an explanation of define('REMOTE_URL_REFETCH_TIMEOUT', 3600);