Importing CSV file and go to both list

Dear Support

I have imported the csv file to one list. Then When I check other list I found that the emails are mixed up. They don’t go to only one list which I created.

Please let me know why? Thanks


Hi, have you read the documentation on importing? I think it will help you. I guess there is an issue with the way you are importing, because I have never heard of this before.


I agree with Anna, once you read and understand how to import a list, it should work properly.
I also put together a little screencast on how to do this:


Hi Anna and Dan

I have tried to import subscriber with CSV file with 7 emails address with header so total it has only 8 lines but when I clicked import it showed 18 lines instead and it added half of invalid email address. Please can you help to guide me on this? How to fix this problem?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you asp.


If you are doing everything right, there should only be 7 emails.
I assume you read the manual and watched the movie on importing…
In that case, you would need to look over your file with the email addresses in it, something must be unusual with that.

Can you post a sample of the first couple of lines?

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