Importing and duplicates

I frequently import addresses from our CRM into phpList and use the foreign key to keep track.
I’ve recently noticed that as we have a No. of lists if is on list 1 and I then import it again so that its also on list 2 it gets flagged as a duplicate (I used to delete these as I assumed it was already on list 2) but I see the duplicate (I tick keep old) is on list 2 but the original is untouched and still ONLY on list 1 NOT lists 1 and 2 (updated) as I was hoping.

Is there a way I can do this without manually check each duplicate and updating the original.

Thanks in Advance and a merry season to y’all :wink:

Here’s a suggestion for a workflow that might address your problem:

  1. go to Subscribers -> Manage subscribers -> Verify subscribers
  2. check “Email” and paste all email addresses into the field below
  3. phpList will give you two lists: one list with existing subscribers and another one with non-existing subscribers

To add the existing subscribers to another list:

  1. copy the addresses of the existing subscribers
  2. go to Subscribers -> Subscriber lists and click on the “add members” symbol for the respective list
  3. paste the email addresses into the field and click “Import emails”; phplist will add all subscribers to the specified list

To import the non-existing subscribers:

  1. remove the existing subscribers from the import list
  2. import the list with the remaining subscribers as usual

Hope that helps!

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