Import large & multiple Email List Fast in phpList

Hello I have csv files of 100,000 emails and I want them imported in phplist fast. Is there a plugin or solution for this ?

Also, currently I have to choose one CSV file at a time for import, Is there a way I can choose multiple CSV files to import in the list ?

Hi @rollinstech and welcome to the forum!

Yes importing large lists is slow due to DNS and other subscriber verification checks.

You could also try using the cli importer, not sure how it compares with regard to speed.

Another approach is to split csv files into separate ones and upload them separately. That helps with timeout or server upload limit issues.

There’s no way to import multiple files simultaneously that I know of.

If there’s no attribute data included (only addresses), then copy pasting into the simple upload page is easier than using csv, and probably faster.

I regularly import large lists of several hundred thousand emails.

The speed of import seems to depend on the checking that goes on (does the user already exist, update the user history file). If your database is big, and there is a lot of history per user, then the checking and updating takes a while (several hours for a 200k list).

I wrote some scripts that sort the list, remove invalid emails, and the breaks the resultant list into chunks of 200k names.

With my new system and a clean database, it takes about 2 or 3 hours to import the 200k names.

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Something I would like to see added to phpList is an asynchronous import process which would continue processing subscribers in the background after you’ve logged off, and then send you details of the results via email sometime later. That would mean that you could start the process quickly, and even schedule campaigns to be sent to the list in question, knowing that the process would complete and report without you.
If anybody is interested in hacking on or sponsoring such a feature, please let me know!