Import from PHPList CSV does not preserve Blacklist flag?

I’m trying to set up a new PHPlist installation. (The ‘upgrade’ didn’t go well, so I’m doing it from scratch as a clean install.) I have exported the Users from my original system into a CSV file. This file includes the lists they were signed up for and the ‘Blacklist’ flag.

However, when I go to import that list of users the Blacklist flag is not being used in the new system it appears. There’s a field for ‘Is this account disabled?’ on the new side, but this does not map directly to the Blacklisted state in the old data. The old data also has a ‘Is this account disabled?’ field. The data in this field does not match the Blacklist data.

Oddly - if I export a subscriber from the new system and then reimport that subscriber, the ‘Blacklisted’ field is again not used on import. But exporting users from either old or new systems provides a checkbox for the ‘Blacklisted’ field to be included (or not) in the exported data.

So why doesn’t PHPList recognize this field on import? Is there some way to force it to import this data?

@J8334SWC No you cannot import the blacklisted field, along with other “system” fields.

To have those subscribers marked as blacklisted you can filter them in your spreadsheet then, on the Suppression List page, copy/paste the email addresses.

Hey Duncan,
Thanks for the reply and suggested work around.

I think that I may just leave them out of the system entirely, then. They aren’t getting emails (obviously), and the system isn’t being used really for anything else, e.g. tracking history.