Import csv: Record delimiter field missing v3.2.4

I see reference in documentation to a “record delimiter” field in the import from csv form but it’s not there. I have a field delimiter but no record delimiter.

I have a custom field of type “textbox” that can contain line breaks but can’t import. Is there a simple solution? I’d rather not hack at it.

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So the field was commented out. Easy enough to uncomment but I still can’t use \n characters in field values. Upon closer inspection, it seems that when a record delimiter is specified, phplist simply replaces all instances of it with \n. I don’t want to seem overly critical but there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to use whatever characters I want. I’m very disappointed.

if ($_SESSION[‘import_record_delimiter’] != “\n”) {
$email_list = str_replace($_SESSION[‘import_record_delimiter’], “\n”, $email_list);

Maybe I’ll contribute to a better solution if I have time.

I hope this helps someone.


I found success by entering <br /> tags in place of \n characters. Kind of a pain to configure my import file but at least I only need to import once and all the subscribers surely use html email clients.

Can you give me a link to this?

Great topic to discuss!