Images in emails/newsletters are not showing up


Greetings to everyone.

I am new to phplist and installed the software via Godaddy to my subdomain. After installation, I was finding issues in uploading the images while creating campaigs. After going through some posts, I changed the below code in kcfinder/conf/config.php

$_CONFIG = array(


'disabled' => true, **(Changed this to false)**
'uploadURL' => "upload",
'uploadDir' => "",
'theme' => "default",

After changing the “disabled” to “false”, I was able to upload the images without any issues to my newsletter.

The problem what I find is after the email is sent, the images are not showing up in the emails that are received by the email accounts. I have checked the emails in webpanel of godaddy,, gmail.

Can you please suggest me where am I going wrong.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


Please show the warning message displayed before you made the code change. It should be beneath the ckeditor area, something like “Image browsing is not available …”.

If you look at the html of an email then that should show what the problem is with the image URL.

Hi Duncanc,

I was getting the error stating something like “You don’t have permissions to upload images”.

@yourgoal That is probably a problem with php sessions, see the plugin documentation

You will need to look at the url of one of the images that is not displayed to see what is wrong with it.