Image urls don't work after update


after update from 3.0.10 to 3.2.4 images included in test message content do not work anymore. Template images are still okay.

In HTML source of the sent message image url now is:


while in messages sent before update urls are like this, working:


It is obvious that first one cannot work.

Also I recogniced that I in editor now can only access images in “uploadimages/image” while all the images included in mails sent by now are located in “uploadimages” (I’m not the camapin author and have not used the system activly for years).

I have no clue where to look for problem and solution, is it main configuration, is there a difference if FCKeditor or CKEditor is used (not sure anymore, I believe before update just FCKeditor was used, now switching does not help)?

Additional info: Server PHP Version 5.3.29, MySQL 5.0.8


This looks like an attempt to embed the image within the email instead of as a linked image, but is not correct. Can you copy the actual html of the email? Also look for a setting in your config file for embedding images.

Thank you. This is from the test mail source:

<p><img alt="" height="33" src="http://newsletter.domain.tld/lists/uploadimages/image/power-phplist.png" width="75" /></p>
<p>More Test</p>
<p><img alt="" height="100" src="http://newsletter.domain.tld/lists/uploadimages/image/imagename.png" width="220" /></p>

The setting was not there by now, so I included it this way:


It embeds template images correctly, both content images are broken:

<p><img alt=3D"" height=3D"33" src=3D"http://newsletter.domain.tldcid:f1147=
46f58709de487522d292b4728f0" width=3D"75" /></p>
<p>More Test</p>
<p><img alt=3D"" height=3D"100" src=3D"http://newsletter.domain.tldcid:7cf8=
48564d035e9cb7de5e03bf54ee3d" width=3D"220" /></p></div>

To try the opposite:


It embeds all images (by the way: twice), only first in content is correctly in mail:

<p><img alt=3D"" height=3D"33" src=3D"cid:c23bd019094ac4b50a36776bc788b6f9"=
 width=3D"75" /></p>
<p>More Test</p>
<p><img alt=3D"" height=3D"100" src=3D"http://newsletter.domain.tldcid:a084=
b4a125cc548ffc046d24cacbbdbe" width=3D"220" /></p></div>

As I see now template images were also embeded in mails before update, while content images were linked. That’s what I would like to see again.

EDIT: It seems to work with emdedded images, when the images are not the same as the ones in template – which was the case in my test mail. Now images are different and are all embeded and displayed. Only that one of the template images is embeded twice (Thunderbirds shows that one as attachment). But that’s not the way I intended it in general, I would prefer linked content images.


Images in templates can be embedded using a separate mechanism. When you include a plain image in a template such as src="image.jpg" then phplist will offer you to upload the image file. I guess that has been applied for the template that you are using.

For images that you have entered in the content of the message, this doesn’t make much sense. If EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES is false then there should be a link to the image.
There is also a plugin that embeds images, has that been installed? Look at the Manage Plugins page.

I would be inclined to create a new template that has full links to images, then use that template for a new campaign. Ensure that EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES is set to false.

For putting images into content I used the image chooser dialog offered by editor (FCK), and the included upload there. That applies as well to template (where besides a lot of HTML source code editing took place like CSS).

I don’t have additional plugins except disabled CKEditor.

Okay, played around again, changed setting to wanted false again, edited template, made sure full urls are defined etc., and now it works like I want to. I don’t think I have effectively changed anything except adding a setting, which sets something that is defined as default value (according to documentation) nevertheless, and edited content/template to something it already was before. Strange…

So shaking and punshing the system a bit again and again helped. Don’t think it was a reproduceable solution by now.

Thanks a lot for leading me on my way!

That images now have to be stored in “image” subfolder of “uploadimages” when using image chooser dialog is by intention?

That is a restriction of the KCFinder file browser (part of the CKEditor plugin), which allows you to upload images, flash files, and other files, and organises each into its own directory. You can change the name of each directory, and even have them use the same directory, but those directories must be subdirectories of the upload directory.

The old fckeditor had a bug in this area. If you used the Browse Server button then it let you upload into the image subdirectory of the upload directory. But if you used the Upload tab then the file went into the upload directory itself. It sounds like you have used the latter approach in the past.