I'm having problems importing a csv file for the first time

When i try and import the list of emails from a CSV file it consistently won’t map the attributes/columns - I’ve only got two columns - name and email address - when I map the Email I get a test output but it includes the name - i have no option to map the name column as well/

I’ve got screenshots of the problem

Kind regards

Gavin Crombie


You would want to check your file format. I would switch over to a tab delimited file, and make sure it’s in a ‘windows CR/LF’ format. Although not necessary, I suggest putting the email in the first column, make sure there are headers in the top row, i.e. ‘email’ tab ‘full_name’, and then try importing the list, make sure the ‘test output’ is selected, it will ask you how to map the ‘full_name’ field (create an attribute), then you finish importing the list.


Thanks Dan - I shall try that and see how I go

I managed to get the test output but it has the name beside the email address - which I don’t want - or is that how it is always.

Kind regards


Sorted - thanks a lot Dan!