Identify subscribers receiving text format

I notice that 1 of my subscribers is receiving the text format version of a campaign. How would I determine which subscriber that is?

Thanks in advance


@sunriseal You can export subscribers of the list to which you sent the campaign. One of the columns will be the html/text format.

I tried that while awaiting a response and saw what you indicated. However, I hate working with excel sheets so decided to see if anyone could suggest something else :grinning:

Guess I will just have to give it another shot…:grinning:

Thank you for the response


Why do you need to identify them? If it is because you want them all on html, there is a button to do that in reconcile subscriber page.

You may also be able to spot them in the open / click stats, not sure.

Why: Just wanted to make sure that it was not one of those that I added
and perhaps caused it to be test rather than HTML.
I will have to check out the button on the reconcile page…

I was able to find it using Duncan’s suggestion and selecting only a few

Thank you to both you and Duncan for your suggestions!!