I want to send 700 emails per hour

I am new to phplist & I am using phplist 3.2.1. I am on bluehost & have plus account & can send 750 emails per hour. my current config.php settings are as follows:

define(‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE’, 700);

why phplist is ignoring above instructions from config.php?

when i am sending a campaign it sends around 50 emails with above settings & saying: inprocess XXX still to process waiting.

I want config.php settings for "once send a campaign phplist must send 700 emails per hour & at once & wait one hour to send another 700 emails at once. phplist must wait after sending 700 emails.

I shall be very thankful if anyone could find me a solution.

best regards,

@roshandanpk You will need to use a cron job to send the campaigns. You can find some information on how to do that in the online manual at phplist.org

When you process the queue in the browser phplist will send for only one minute elapsed time. It should then reload and send again but that approach is likely to have problems with browser or web server timeouts.

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