I want all admins to use the same subscriber list to send campaigns

I have three people who act as Admins on my site. Each person needs to share the same subscriber list. As a workaround I have a common login but this is a problem for me because if one of the admins leave and needs to be replaced, then I need to change the password for the common login and then notify everyone of the change. I don’t want anyone to be a super admin. phpList is a great piece of software and I use it on a regular basis but I can’t figure out why in the world this option (sharing subscriber lists) is not available. I have been needing this option for years and I know others have also requested this. I believe at one time someone said it is a security risk of some kind, but I believe it is a greater security risk to share a common login. Is this option being considered in the future and if not, I would be curious to know why it is not being considered.

In version 2x of the software I modified the software to include this function but each time an update was introduced I had to make the change again. I don’t have the resources to attempt this change in version 3x. HELP!!!

I haven’t heard back so I took a look at the code. I have successfully made the changes to version 3.2.5. It was simpler than I anticipated. All admins can now share the same subscriber lists.

Could you perhaps share the changes you’ve made? I’m having the same problem, so that would be great!

Funny that, that’s exactly what I was thinking! :grinning:

I’m a little hesitant to publicly post my changes to the code for the following reasons:

  1. I have not performed as much testing on these changes as I normally would, but since I’m using this mod on one installation only with fairly sophisticated admins, I feel comfortable using the modified code in this case. There may be unintended consequences to this mod.

  2. I’m not sure if posting modifications to the code is permitted on this forum.

  3. In addition to letting regular admins use all subscriber lists to send campaigns, I have made changes to let regular admins view members of any subscriber list, add members to any subscriber list and modify characteristics of any subscriber even if the subscriber is not in a subscriber list the admin owns. The regular admin cannot, however, delete a subscriber he does not “own”.

  4. When I get a chance, I’ll perform some more testing and get some feedback from my admins to verify there are no unintended problems with the mod.