I recently install PHPLIST and i am not able to send HTML Email to anyone

Please help me to solve my problem, yet i am not able to send HTML email to any subscriber. In TAB 3 i selected HTML and in TAB 2 i tried generate from html text, i also select that all user receive email in HTML format. but when i send any HTML email then it send a text version email not HTML.
Please help me, what is the problem and what is the solution.
Current PHPLIST Version: 3.2.4

Hi, you don’t give us too much info so have to ask basic questions first.

Have you entered your content in TAB 1? IE: are you using HTML layout in TAB 1.

Yes i am using HTML layout in Tab 1.

And have you entered anything in there (ie: Content)?

What do you mean by anything?
I entered all HTML code of my email template which is also already saved in my PHPLIST templates.

If the “Compose Message” box in TAB 1 is empty, then I don’t think it will work as you need to have the [CONTENT] placeholder in your template, and the content of your Compose Message box replaces the [CONTENT] in your template.

Have you any content in your Compose Message box?

Yes i am having Content in my message box.

As you know that without Content we cannot save any template in PHPLIST.

Ok, have you selected the template to use in TAB 3, as well as selecting HTML?

I have the same problem. Until last week there were no problem but out of sudden im not anymore able to send HTML Emails, only the text ones. I have never use a template. I normally working with CSS. But now i tried one and it worked neither.


Did you change anything in the last week?