I can't figure out how to migrate to a new server

Hello! I’m trying to migrate my phplist to a new server. I’ve done some searching and came up empty handed. On here I only find mention of people who have migrated but not how they have done it… on google I found mentions to how to migrate, but the links to the articles were broken. I can’t seem to find any instructions in the user guide either. I’m installing via Softaculous. I"m moving from a server using cpanel to one using directadmin. If anyone can offer some guidance or help that would be amazing! Thanks so much! =)

What you need to do is backup your database on your existing system, and zip up the ‘lists’ directory (with all of the subdirectories). You would probably want to grab a copy of the config.php file (lists/config/config.php) in order to reference your settings. Download these 3 things to your computer, this is your backup.
What you might want to do is install a new, updated copy of phpList on your new location, restore the phpList database, and then update the config.php on the new system to link to your restored database.
Then you would need to setup your emails (bounce mailbox) and smtp connections on the new system. If you have a new domain, you’ll need to update the settings on the settings on the admin web page “config”,“settings”


So if I install a fresh copy of phplist… then I wouldn’t need to zip up the “lists” directory correct? I believe I renamed my lists directory to “newsletter” does that sound right? What folders should be directly inside the “lists” directory so that I know I’m zipping up the right one?

Also, where in phplist do I go about restoring the database? I’m completely moving the domain name as well… so everything should be the same domain / file structure. Also, thank you TONS for all your help!

If you are doing a fresh install on a new server, moving the domain and the email, etc… I’d make sure the email addresses used by the phpList system are recreated on the new server, make a note of the logins and passwords for the email accounts.
You should backup the existing database (depends on how you are accessing it now. My favorite wayt to backup and restore a database is via webmin (I use my own servers that don’t have cpanel). You can use phpMyadmin if that’s available. make a note of the database user and password and permissions, you’ll need them in the new install
Make a backup of your ‘newsletter/config/config.php’ file… it has the settings you might need to reuse.
Just for reference, I would also zip up a copy of your exsiting newsletter directory… you can’t be too safe.

Either webmin or phpMyadmin… you’ll need to run the sql file which is the backup of your existing database. That would restore the schema… you’ll also need to create the user, and give it permissions to access the restored database… these would all match the values in the config.php file.

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Got it to work! Thanks a ton!

There are a number of different ways to back up your server .

Thing you need to do is find the IP address of your new web hosting server.

I’m sorry, but this is not the case. Nothing to do with transferring an installation of phpList.

Thanks a lot for this awesome post. Keep it up with such a good work!

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