Hundreds of false bounces now need to reset all bounces

I have been using phplist for eyars without issue. recently i had a situation where a large number of emails on one message bounced. This apears to have been some kind of error as 1. There was no reason to suspect hundreds of email addresses had become in=valid 2. the next mailing went to the recipients prviously bounced.

Now I have inaccurate bounce count for hundreds of subscribers which I would like to reset, mainly because I use bounces to check the eail was enetred correctly and don’t want to sift through hundreds that appear on the bounces per list to find the real bpunce that needs checking.

Can anyone advise on how to reset all bounces.



What do you mean by this? If you want to set the number of bounces shown for each subscriber to zero then phplist doesn’t provide a way to do that. You would need to use phpmyadmin for that.

Thanks. Good yp know phplist doesnt do this so I am not on a wild goose chase. I’ll inbestigate the phpmyadmin route.

@Ianmck That function was in phplist 2 but was removed for some reason.

I have added a similar function to the Subscribers Plugin, and which you can try if you do not want to use phpmyadmin.

You will need to provide the subscribers who you want to process, by copy/paste or in a file, but it might be simplest to just apply the command to all subscribers, if that is what you want.