HTML links in Subscribe Pages

I would like to include html links in my subscribe page. I insert valid HTML in the edit subscribe page, but phplist “escapes” the quotation marks in the href=“” so the links on the final subscribe page end up as“” – which of course doesn’t work!

In addition, if I use quotation marks in regular text it comes out at "in the text.

What is the secret?? =)


Replace your quotes with: "

Okay, that is a step in the right direction – " works in the text, but not for the links. The links still show up as“” as if it were a relative link. At least the escaping “” is gone. But still no properly working links.

Maybe this is just a red herring, but why are quotation marks okay in the “Header” and “Footer” sections, but not in the “Intro” section?

You don’t need to use quotes in the intro section.

I just tested this by using the following code:

You can always look at our <a href=>main site</a>

Which worked exactly as I wanted, ie: main site became a direct link to my homepage.

Which page are you looking at?
If it is the public page then that is a bug in the handling of subscribe page fields. But the actual subscribe page should display correctly.

You can fix the first problem by making a change to the file lists/index.php
change this line (should be line 335 in release 3.0.12)

print $intro[0];


print stripslashes($intro[0]);

Thanks – that part works perfectly, even though its syntactically incorrect html.

So no quotes needed for <a href=http:// in the “Intro” section of “Edit Subscribe Page” –

And use &quot; in the text for quotation marks.

But its inconsistent and misleading because the next sections on the same page, “Header” and “Footer” are pre-populated with syntactically correct HTML including quotes.

I’m referring to the “Edit A Subscribe Page” in the configuration.

I’m not seeing a difference between the public page and the list subscribe page you refer to, at least with regard to this issue.