HTML emails are not being received

I am trying to send a webpage. I have reloaded a new version of PHPlist. I have checked to make sure all the subscribers are set up to be sent HTML emails. I have checked the HTML box on the FORMAT tab of the email I am sending. The SCHEDULING tab has been checked to make sure the email is not being embargoed and even though the email appears to be sent and shows that were sent. It is never received by any address on the subscriber list.

As a test I sent another email as a plain text email but clicking the box in the FORMAT tab and the email is received.

Any help would be appreciated.

One other fact: when sending a test email I only receive the plain text version email and not the html version email.

Hi Terry,

Sounds like there is some issue with the html content.

I’d start out by testing the simplest html I could create… use the built in content editor (on tab1), and just type ‘hello world’, and one other line of text. link that line of text to some url, and send a test. you should receive two emails.

If you do, then there is most likely a problem with the html in your original email, and that needs to be de-bugged.