HTML editor not shown

Hello. I recently updated PHPList and the HTML editor is no longer showing. If I view an old campaign I can see the HTML version but can’t see the source code. If I start a new campaign I the HTML editor does not show. Any help? Thanks.

p.s. my config.php file has not changed and it is set to “USEFCK”,1

to which release?

Do you mean that the editor is displayed, with buttons etc, or do you mean something else?

Look at the plugins page, Config > Manage plugins to see which editor plugin is enabled.

Thanks Duncan I am now using version 3.2.5. I did not have any editor enabled. That fixes it.

I enabled Ckeditor. Would you recommend that over Fckeditor?

p.s. Will my throttling settings work as specified in config.php or will I also have to reset that? Thank you.

@jnasta ckeditor has replaced fckeditor so you should use that. If you have any trouble with ckeditor then the documentation page might help. You can find it on the Manage plugins page where most plugins have a documentation link.

The batch settings in the config file are unchanged.