How to send to all list except the selected list

Hi! I wnat send email to all email address of my lists except to email addresses of one selected list.

It Is posible?


you can select all other lists except the list in which emails id are there which you dont want to send.

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Thanks ag1234, but this no works.

A example:

List A                        List B                          List C                                                                                                 

I want send all emails in list B and C except the mails that is in list A

It’s posible?

Thanks and sorry for my English :wink:

@Juanmi Add this line to your config file and set the value to 1. When you compose a campaign the Lists tab will have an extra section where you can choose the lists to be excluded.

# list exclude will add the option to send a message to users who are on a list
# except when they are on another list.
define('USE_LIST_EXCLUDE', 0);
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