How to reset the bouncecount for one email?

how can I reset the bounces for one email adress?
sorry, if this is a stupid question - I didn’t find the answser in the docu

Hi Hans,
Thanks for asking, no question is a stupid question.
I’m not aware of a way to do this via the web interface to phpList. If you have access to the database, you can look at the ‘phplist_user_user’ table and edit the bounce count for the user.

So the workaround would be
a) changing dircetly within the database
b) deleting and recreating the user

Hi, can I ask why you want to do this? Maybe there is another way to achieve your end goal

I go with option a as this keeps your subscriber history

personally I also have to reset the bouncecount as it comes from our CRM so it SHOULD be right, and if not the sales staff need to follow-up and correct it.
They need re-setting so that the next time the mail goes out I don’t flag them as having bounced when exporting the list.

my little sql snippet :wink: maybe it can help.

UPDATE `phplist_user_user` SET `bouncecount` = '0'
WHERE `phplist_user_user`.`email` = '' ;
# WHERE `phplist_user_user`.`foreignkey` != '' ;

I use the commented (#) line but you may find the active one above it more to your useage.


@ anna: For me it makes no sense, to delete subscribers just on the foundation of their bouncecount. Because there are those, who have sometimes or often a full mailbox. For me the most valuable criteria is: How many bounces did the subscriber have in one row without any exception?
May be there is a functionality which supports this request - and I just cannot see it so far. In this case I am very grateful for eny hint.
I. E. I would like to delete or deaktivate automatically or with one click all subscribers with 10 newest bounces in a row, (one after another, without exceptions.)

@HTH: Thanks for the snippet - I am hesitating to go direkt into the database because I am not used to do it…
many greetings

I think you can just raise the number of consecutive bounces before un-confirmation though, across the board.

Very cool digit, it will work but it’s incomplete.
You’re leaving the phplist_user_message_bounce data

lol @NYChris,
you can tell this is all brand new to me :wink:
Hopefully this should now be OK.

 SET @bid = (SELECT id FROM phplist_user_user
                 WHERE email= ''
  #             WHERE `phplist_user_user`.`foreignkey` != '' 
      UPDATE  `phplist_user_user` SET `bouncecount` = '0'
        WHERE id=@bid;
      DELETE FROM phplist_user_message_bounce
       WHERE = @bid;

Thanks for the heads-up, this should work for the OP ( @HansT ), now I just have to figure out how to get multiple values into @bid, loop it, or another plan entirely lol.

Thanks for the exercise, When I have more time I’ll post my complete solution for a QC :wink: